Technology Overview: What is one of the most significant challenges facing developers, designers, and planners in today’s metropolitan areas, cities, in India? How to provide adequate parking in increasingly challenging and shrinking spaces. Medha robot parking is the answer.

Medha Robot parking maximise usable space for parking vehicles in commercial, residential and general use environments by taking the process of parking a vehicle. Medha Robot parking automated parking system technology accommodates more vehicles in less space by eliminating the need for conventional garage driveways, ramps, passenger elevators, stairways and other infrastructure, freeing this space to park more cars.

Medha Robot parking systems are automatic parking and they are custom-designed to fit the needs of our customers and maximise potential for some times restrictive building footprints-increasing parking capacity in areas where construction of a conventional garage may not even possible.

Advantages of Robot Parking System
Our robot parking system facilities automatically park, store and retrieve vehicles more efficiently, more quickly and more securely than conventional garages. By utilising the fully automated technology and tailoring each project to the specific needs of our clients, our technology makes conventional parking garages obsolete by accommodating more vehicles in less space-often at lower cost.

Only 40% – 50% of the floor space in conventional garages is dedicated to parking.
Our robot parking technology offer significant space and cost Saving alternatives, providing up to 60% space savings and up to 50% cost savings over conventional parking facilities
Medha Robot System has no need for ramps, passenger elevators or stairs.
Space between parked vehicles is minimised.
Modular designs are customised to fit constraints of site.

No need for customer to search for parking space or to remember location of parked vehicle.
Access to parking is personalised.
Simple user-friendly access interface and software can be integrated with nearly any permit or pay system.
Real-time system monitoring from parking space


Any combination of above or below-ground access and storage possibilities.

Façade can be custom tailored.

Modular construction allows for easy expansion to meeting increased demand.

Smaller footprint and volume.Shorter construction time.
Minimal lighting and ventilation needed.

No costly concrete repairs/maintenance.

Lower liability insurance.


Theft, vandalism or accidental damage eliminated.

Focus on personal safety through complete surveillance of transfer rooms.

Reduced vehicle emissions.
General energy savings.

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