Automatic Parking System: Automatic multi-storey car parks provide lower building cost per parking slot, as they typically requires less building volume and less ground area than a conventional facility with the same capacity. However, the cost of the mechanical equipment within the building that is needed to transport cars internally needs to be added to the lower building cost to determine the total costs. Other costs are usually lower too, for example there is no need for an energy intensive ventilating system, since cars are not driven inside and human cashiers or security personnel may not be needed.

Automated car parks rely on similar technology that is used for mechanical handling and document retrieval. The driver leaves the car in an entrance module. It is then transported to a parking slot by a robot trolley. For the driver, the process of parking is reduced to leaving the car inside an entrance module.

At peak periods a wait may be involved before entering or leaving. The wait is due to the fact that loading passengers and luggage occurs at the entrance and exit location rather than at the parked stall. This loading blocks the entrance or exit from being available to others. Whether the retrieval of vehicles is faster in an automatic car park or a self park car park depends on the layout and number of exits.

About the Medha Robot Parking Systems

Medha Robot parking offers cost effective fully automatic, unmanned underground or over-ground car parking system solutions, particularly for tight sites in urban areas where space is at a premium. The car park is fully computer controlled, requiring no permanent operatives or attendants and it meets the International standards and Indian and European Safety Regulations.

The driver and passengers alight from the car, leaving it in the entry bay with the engine off (reducing emissions);
  There is no need for ramps or driveways;
The car is automatically parked without anybody entering the car park;
The car is returned to the exit bay, facing the right direction, ready to be driven away;
Once parked, the cars are totally safe and secure from being stolen, vandalised or damaged;
Assistance can be obtained via a telephone link;
A management control centre operated by a facilities management company or, in-house with training given, monitors the car park by CCTV
The command centre can override the on-site computer, should the need arise. One command centre can control many independent systems
Parking and retrieval times are identical, averaging 60 seconds per car.
Tariff charges can be payment-based using cash, credit or dedicated card
The system is thoroughly reliable because all essential plant and equipment has back-up facility and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by computer.

The construction of a standard Medha Robot parking takes between five to six months, depending on site conditions and access facility. The entry and exit positions are normally separate, where space will allow, but if there is not sufficient space these can be combined. The computerised system ensures that cars are parked in the nearest available space. Medha Robot parking’s can be custom designed to suit individual sites.

A warranty is included with our system and subsequent to contract completion; a service agreement to cover maintenance and repair can be entered into. Total operational and maintenance costs of a Medha Robot parking are extremely low in comparison with manned traditional parking facilities.

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